REALTORS – competing or co-orporating?

Many years ago when I first became a REALTOR of the Greater Vancouver real estate board, the environment among REALTORS was really co-operating! Listing agents got the listings, posted the listed properties on the board’s MLS system. Selling agents (equivalent to today’s buyer agents) who were not good in getting listings, help to promote the listed properties whatever ways they could to bring buyers to make deals. The MLS property information was NOT accessible by the general public. Buyers in the market normally would need to work with a selling agent of their choice.

That’s how the CO-OPERATION ESSENCE in MLS should be!

Ever since real estate boards started putting MLS property information to their websites that are accessible by the general public, the entire industry had changed! And the changes are continuing…

New website forces realtors to compete for your listing
Reand more…

REALTORS: Is your board helping you to co-operate among your fellow REALTORS, or is it implementing changes in your market place that would in effect cause competition among your members AND the general public? After all, as a REALTOR I don’t see any reason why real estate boards should share the MLS property information to the general public in the first place – reason(s) that must benefit BOTH the seller agents and buyer agents.

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  1. Fred Carver

    Good Day…I agree, at first it was Good if you were a listing agent and the MLS listings went across canada plus we could use it as part of our marketing and Listing Tool. Now we’re competing online with, Buyers don’t want to talk to us. Might want to look at a new Realtor marketing tool that is for Realtors, Listing agents and Buyers Agents, All you need to do is upload your listings and at the same time up load your sellers needs(next home) The Site automatically calculates looking for matches and to bring possible Home sellers together with your help. No public input. Have a look, the key is to get as many Listings on on the site to get the Site working well, it’ll bring a Realtor a min of two ends every time with little or not marketing costs, Exclusive and MLS listing welcome… All the VREB listing will be loaded this week, the Listing agents only need to upload their clients Wants. Buyers Agents can post their wants too. it Free to Use, how cool is that! No need to load to MLS is you don’t want to.

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