BIA – Ad Full Page Wide!

HOMESmarketing’s “BIA” stands for Background Image Advertising. A unique feature of this service is that each ad will occupy the full width of a webpage!

BIA can be used to promote a vast varieties of products and services targeting general consumers and business professionals. For example, real estate agents, developers and marketers can promote real estate listings or real estate projects using this full page wide advertising. As a general use, small businesses and self-employed individuals can use BIA as an affordable means to promote their products and services with long term exposure.

As a general advertiser, you can use a favourite image of your own and prepare a few lines of text to describe your image and your products or services and your ad is ready to go! BIA will help you capture the immediate attention of visitors and link them back to your target web location. (Your ad images shall be 1200×900 pixel in size – they can be of your own, from your friends, or purchased from photographers of your choice.)

PHOTOGRAPHERS connection via BIA Circle…

BIA Circle is a place where photographers and advertisers and consumers can connect with one another. As planned with the BIA development, HOMESmarketing will provide a place where advertisers and consumers can connect with photographers for services.

BIA, another creative advertising service from HOMESmarketing. Explore further via these links:
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