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Image Advertising,
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Image advertising generally covers advertising using static images, and advertising using animation and special effects to render "movie-like" presentation.
Static images generally refer to images of JPG (JPEG) format. Most digital cameras and cellphones can produce images of this format. If you supply this image format for your ads and intend to use the image AS IS (or with minimal alternations), there is normally no production cost on our part.
Images with special effects can be either supplied by you for your ads, or we can do alternations or special effects with your instructions for a fee.
Production cost: Cost for the production of your ads is generally not included in your advertising fee unless you've specifically included this in your order. If your ad order or booking involves production cost, we will let you know in advance and you'll have the option to arrange the production with your own resource or allow us to do the job for you for a fee.
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