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Mobo VIEW,
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Mobo VIEW, MoboLINK and MoboPAGE are HOMESmarketing's newer features* that would meet the needs of the MOBO ERA of the internet. In brief, HOMESmarketing is providing contents of the entire site, including all advertising contents, in a way that the contents can be viewed comfortably on most mobile devices - that is, all contents can be viewed in normal font-sizes even when in small screens on cellphones or tablets, and as well they can be viewed without the need to be zoomed in and out or scrolled left and right. (* HOMESmarketing became mobile friendly as early as July 2012. [LINK])
MoboLINK is a short URL that contains only simple and easy to read alphanumeric characters that are case-insensitive, thus allowing it to be shared easily among people via human practice - use eyes to see, mouth to read and ears to listen - HOMESmarketing's MoboLINKs are not irregular random letters, not case-sensitive, not a bar code or QR code - they can be read through eyes and be told to others by voice or text.
MoboPAGE: Classified ad page that is rendered in responsive layout; that means the ad contents can be viewed comfortably on mobile devices in regular font sizes and without the need of zooming in and out or scrolling left and right. See sample pages: B382, B383.
Mobo VIEW: Link to the Mobo VIEW introduction page.
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