My first ever 20-image MLS listing

This is my first ever 20-image MLS listing! This blog post will let you experience how an MLS listing having 20 images would look like – if you have not seen one before. The unique MLS number can be found on the blog image so feel free to check it out.

Up to 20 images per MLS listing:
In a recent notice to its members, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver announced the maximum capacity of 20 images allowed per listing on its MLXchange and Fusion MLS systems. I mislaid the notice so I could not tell you here the exact date of that notice – write your comment on this blog if you know the date of that notice so we would have a complete record about this news (^_^). The process of adding images to a listing is the same so there is nothing further to talk about this feature.

Creatively designed and practical features you can use…

I have been posting my real estate for sale listings on the HOMESmarketing system for many years and enjoying practical features to help market my listings – there are quite some new features added recently. Here’s a brief summary of some available features that I’d like to share with you:

  1. MoboLINK: Tell other people your new or existing listing easily, precisely by voice, text message, email or any form of prints – “” is all you need to tell people to reach your ad with full details (“S###” represents a unique ID# of an ad on the HOMESmarketing system). “Other people” can be your colleagues, cooperating REALTORS, and particularly can be any prospect having seen your for sale signs, your printed newspaper ads, your website ads, etc, etc – A short MoboLINK will certainly help them to memorize your ad and to get to it easily. Make best use of this feature – it’s INCLUDED in the advertising service at no extra cost to you!
  2. Mobo VIEW: All classified ads (including real estate for sale or for rent ads) on HOMESmarketing are “mobile device friendly” – it means your readers can view your ads on their mobile devices with comfort: no zooming in and out or scrolling left and right required. To explore the Mobo VIEW and MoboLINK features further please visit the Mobo VIEW feature page
  3. .

  4. Data Mover: Submit your MLS listings to the HOMESmarketing system with minimal effort. This is a newly developed feature and is valid with residential listings (both attached and detached properties) served by the MLXchange systems in British Columbia only. If you are a BC REALTOR using MLXchange you can try this feature out for free – visit DataMover for details.

Promotion in effect – Try out the above features for free. Visit links mentioned above to explore the features on the HOMESmarketing site and try them out for free.

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