Traffic from extra domain names

You can own more than one domain name! In fact, many people or organizations own many domains for just one reason: to generate extra traffic to their main site. For real estate licensees as an example, you might already have a website with a domain as the web address of your business site. In addition to that, you could have additional domains like,,, etc., solely for the purposes of driving extra traffic to your main site. The result could surprise you!

Case Study – HOMESmarketing

Traffic from HOMESmarketing’s various not in use domain names passed the one thousand point in ten days after a new hit counter is installed. With the new counter, they now can track the hits of individual domains – this provides a good picture which domains get the highest interest from outsiders.

HOMESmarketing (it owns all the corresponding .com, .net and .org domains) and its co-owners have registered quite a number of domains. Some are in use in their existing websites and some are for future programs. If any of the not in use domains is tried by someone (i.e., someone attempted to see if a domain is still available for registration. OR for other reasons), the hit counter will record the activity (one hit per attempt). The traffic data shown on this page were recorded as of 2013-09-09.

It is quite surprised to see that many MAHJONG related domains do have good interest out there!

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  • For inquiry in any of HOMESmarketing’s domain names please visit this online Email Form.
  • Credit to the author of the original hit counter: CodeLair PHP scripts (open in new window).
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